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The Career & Works of Mary McDonnell

Mary McAwesome
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This community is closed.
This community is about the works and career of Ms Mary McDonnell (on stage and screen).

If you enjoy BSG, DWW, o'Pioneers, High Society or any of her other (numerous) projects, feel free to discuss and share your thoughts here. :o) This will be the right place to exchange screen caps, the latest red carpet piccies or info on new Mary McDonnell projects.

Rules: this community does not allow any postings that are disrespectful to Ms McDonnell, her work or her family. Pictures of her family or private pictures in general are NOT allowed and will be deleted asap (red carpet piccies with them or career-related info about her husband are an exception).
Furthermore, this community will not tolerate any disrespectful behavior amongst its members. If you disagree, fine - but discuss and don't bully!
This community will tolerate any fangirly drooling over Mary McDonnell, but like with everything else, respect* should be rule number one. :o)
Feel free to post links to articles about or interviews with Mary McDonnell - gossip/yellow press/paparazzi crap will be deleted.

Please do not upload copyrighted media to this comm - spreading the Mary love, however, is encouraged. Please request and exchange Mary vibes on a private level. ;o) Hi-Res pictures are allowed to be posted, and may be flocked.

General posts (including icon posts for example) should not be flocked - MA fan fiction posts should be. :o) You are very welcome to post fan fiction about ANY Mary character, but not about herself or any of her family members.

Apart from that, squee away & party on!!! :o) Let's be marylicious!!!

Honorary members: Mary McDonnell, chilipip

Extra TYs go to: caprica9, sapphs & xscylon

*comm definition of respect: treat Ms McDonnell as if she was your mother, your sister, your partner, your friend or yourself. Every woman deserves that kind of respect - so does she (and her family).
Sexist words, words with sexist connotations, posts about body parts only, etc. are NOT perceived as respectful and will go out the airlock. Thank you for understanding & a toast to sisterhood!

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Official holiday: Marymas (April 28 - May 5)

If you have general questions about Marymas on mary_mcawesome, Mary posts or the comm itself, please contact scullymouse.

The marylicious mood theme was made by xscylon for Marymas 2008. :o)

The current community header & icon were made by scullymouse. If you have any "McAwesome" icons you would like to see displayed in the official icon list, just send a message to scullymouse.

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